Million Dollar Pixel Professional Website package.

by Mitch Cohen - Webmaster

I am very excited that is now able to offer the texmedia pixel software loaded with the most professional features available for fundraising and other types of professional pixel websites.  It's not free or the least expensive, but I feel it is the best available if you are serious about running a professional campaign. We have just completed an arrangement with texmedia to be able to offer their software as part of our PixelRightNow website package.

The very long list of features are listed below.

Why buy here? We provide added value with helping you get the most from the software.

1) We provide a free domain name to use for your pixel website!

2) We provide the website service on our servers with unlimited bandwidth and space

3) We install everything for you.

4) We provide help for changing the more technical parts of the program, such as changing colors using CSS.

5) We provide support to help you get the most from your pixel website.


Pricing is $199 USD for the one time license to use the texmedia pixel software and $9.95 per month for our website service. Those are the only charges, and you may stop at any time.

We accept PayPal and major credit cards.

I urge you to take the time to view the full demos below, and feel free to email me with questions at

Demo PRO Website

Demo Admin

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Here is a list of the many features included with the package:

Aufzählung Complete dynamic Website, ready for action
Includes: Blog, FAQ, Feedback form, Tell-a-friend form, a Newsletter Option, "Link to us",  Legal Notice, Statistics.
Aufzählung Multi language script
Currently the script (frontend and administration) is provided in the following languages: english, german, spanish, french, dutch, italien, portuguese, romanian, turkey. New languages can be added without difficulty.
Aufzählung Complete Online-Administration (Online Demo)
In the Administration Area you are able to see basic information on the status of your website and all pixel entries. You can edit and customize all templates, set up your whole website, upload files, write eMails and newsletters, create pixel grids and pixel subgridpages, activate languages and more.
Aufzählung HTML Templates
Text, design and layout of all sites are in HTML and CSS format. You can edit all of them without difficulty, either online or on your own computer.
Aufzählung WYSIWYG Editor (Html-Editor) 
Easy online editing of templates, eMails, Blog und FAQ. Upload pictures, write HTML-eMails, edit your templates the same way you do with routine documents.
Aufzählung Template-Restore 
If you should alter a template by mistake or don't like the layout, no problem! You can restore it quickly and easily with only two clicks of the mouse. This unique feature allows extensive experimentation with layouts and design without fear of corrupting the files.
Definable grid sizes
The size of your pixel grids can be set up however you want. You can also place several different grids on one webpage, using it for each advertising spot on the page that is part of your design.
Pixel Grid Subpages
You may also add as many additional sub gridpages with new grids on the webpages of your site.
Definable Pixel Blocksizes 
If you want your pixel blocksize to be 10x10 pixels or 32x157 pixels, it doesn't matter. Any size pixelblock is possible.
Aufzählung Grid background images changeable
You can change the background image of a pixel grid however you want or create a grid background from a single block image.
Aufzählung Animated Grids 
This feature permit users to also upload animated pixel images. The technical procedere of generating and displaying an animated pixelblock will automatically change when activating this feature.
Aufzählung Pixelbanner
Create usual Fullsize- and Halfsize-Banners, Skyscraper and other Banners, which can used as pixel grid itself. You can implement these banners on other websites without difficulty.
Aufzählung Full integration in other websites possible (Plug-In)
Each grid can be integrated into other websites by copying and pasting a small Html-Code. If you define the grid as Plug-In, you can also integrate the whole pixel selecting process on another website and adjust the complete design to match the design and layout of the original site. So may use the Million Pixel Script as grid engine display in the background.
Aufzählung Price-Zones on grids 
Areas within a grid, such as premium locations may have a price different from the standard and can easily be defined as unique price zones in the administration panel. The selection of the premium zone is on a per pixelblock basis and very flexible as to options and pricing.
Aufzählung "Not For Sale"-Zones 
You can define areas of a grid which are not for sale by selecting the blocks with the mouse in the administration panel. This allows you to adjust the pixel selection to different background images. (Example)
Aufzählung Intelligent On-The-Fly Pixel Selection 
Pixelblocks can be selected and deselected by holding down the mouse button and dragging the cursor on the grid. The intelligent selection engine ensures the user can only select connected blocks to prevent interruption of contiguous space. You can even change the color and image which should be used for the visual pixel selection process. The selected pixels can also be shown as animated.
Aufzählung Reserved Pixel 
Those pixels that have been reserved by customers which have not yet been activated yet are shown as reserved space on the grid. You can adjust the display of reserved spaces by color or image and/or text. You can also set single pixel entries to "reserved".
Aufzählung Pixel Expiration
The pixel expiration date/time can be specifically defined per grid area. The setting can be changed at any time time and may also be changed only for single pixel entries. Single entries may also be set to "never expiring". 
Aufzählung Imageupload-Function
Users can upload an image to display in the pixel grid they have selected. The image will automatically be adjusted to fit the selected pixel space. The user does not need to edit his/her image to a specific size before uploading! The maximum size in kilobytes to allow for uploaded pictures can be determined in your grid setup, or you can deactivate the image upload function completely.
Aufzählung Saving also the original images 
This feature allows the saving of the image uploaded by the user in its original size. This makes it possible to show the original size image in the Mouse-Over-Boxes (Tooltips). The original image can also be animated or be resized automatically to a special size proportionally, which you define. This allows you to force a standard view of the mouse over tooltip boxes.

Definable Mouse-Over-Boxes (Tooltips) 
Mouse over boxes can be defined for content and layout on the grid in any manner you choose. Simply define them with CSS or HTML code and insert placeholders for the respective content to be displayed on the mouse over box (title, URL, pixel image, original image, hits). By using this in combination with automatically resized images you can create a nice photo gallery like this example: (Example).

Aufzählung More than 450 pictures to choose from
If the user does not have a photo or image to upload, they can select from more than 450 pictures you provide to use in their pixel ad. You can deactivate this function if you desire. You may also easily add additional images or photos by uploading them to your server.
Aufzählung Grid Format: Color Reducing, Interlace, Imageformat png/gif/jpg
You can configure the digital format and quality of your grid displays with different options. In this way, you can improve page loading performance for your website visitors. You can select an option to create the grid with 256 or 16,8 Million colors and if they should be shown interlaced or not.
Aufzählung Pixel activation and deletion through email
Once a user has selected a pixel grid, they are required to activate their account by clicking a link in an email sent by the system. This prevents bogus or malicious users from holding pixelblock areas for extended periods of time, preventing legitimate users from selecting them. Users may also delete their pixelblocks through email. This reduces the work required to administer and manage the grid pages.
Aufzählung Admin-eMail notification of new pixels
If you want to receive notifications, the script will send you an eMail after each new pixelblock upload for activation or checking as the administrator.
Aufzählung Minimum/Maximum Blockselection definable
You can decide how many pixelblocks users are able to select on a grid. If you have big ads, you can set the maximum amount to 1 and force single ads for that specific size only. Or, you can allow users to select pixelblocks in multiples.
Aufzählung Individual Price-Configuration of grids
The price of a pixelblock on a grid can be defined via the administration. You can als define the currency and the exchange rate for payments in different currency than showed on the website. Or, you can set the price setting to make pixelblocks free of charge.
Aufzählung "Deny Pixel Adding" Option (Show-Grid) 
If you want to use a grid for own purposes only or as display area, you can decativate the pixel selection by users with the "Deny Pixel Adding" Option. Regardless of which mode, the Administrator can add pixelblocks to a grid at any time.
Aufzählung "Buy on Click" Option 
The "Buy on Click" Option allows users to select pixels with a single click on any available pixelblock that you have defined.
Aufzählung Pixel Transparency Effect 
Pixels can be automatically be made transparent to allow the background of the grid to show through. The rate of transparency can be adjusted between 0-100%, including the grey grid of the pixel selection process! You can use other options in combination with the transparency feature.
Aufzählung Pixel Highlight Effect 
Transparent pixel images can be highlighted with this option during mouse over, letting viewers pick the pixelblocks for display in a toolbox popup.
Aufzählung Highlight Search 
Visitors can conduct a real time search of the pixelblocks on your site. The results will be shown on the grid, highlighted pixels that match the search criteria. All other pixel images will be faded out thereby highlighting the search results even more.
Aufzählung Zoom-Function
On-The-Fly zoom makes it possible to zoom in and zoom out of pixel images directly on the grid by during mouse over. You can also change the zoomspace and increase or decrease the percentage of zoom enlargement.
Aufzählung Different Designs
You can easily create and choose different styles for your page layout.

Timezone/dateformat changeable 
You can adjust the timezone location of your server along with the date format to show local time if your server is in another time zone. This eliminates confusion as to time of initiation and expiration of pixelblocks.

Aufzählung Pixellist with Searchfunction
All pixel entries of a grid will be displayed as a list and can be sorted or searched using different criteria.
Aufzählung TOP-Ranking
A ranking of the top clicked pixel images (sites) is shown as the previous day's ranking and ovarall ranking. Your pixel customers will benefit from this as they will attract visitors that have an instinct to click on the most clicked sites. To avoid misuse, the rating depends on unique hits. This prevents one user from clicking repeatedly on a pixelblock to build their hit counts.
Aufzählung Referrer Ranking
If you are using an affiliate or link exchange, the originating sites where users linked from to your site will be saved and listed in the Top-Referrer as the previous days ranking and overall ranking. This makes it advantageous for other sites linking to your sites cause they will get visitors back from as a result of their listing in your click rankings.
Aufzählung Featured Sponsor
The advertiser with the biggest pixel ad can be presented as the "Featured Sponsor" in the sidebar of the pixel grid.
Aufzählung Payment Gateways
Currently supported are: Paypal, Alertpay, Safepay, e-Gold, Google Checkout, 2Checkout, Wire transfer, more payment options will be added in the future.
Aufzählung Real URLs
You can provide your pixel-customers real links from their images. This is important for Search Enginge Optimizer functions.Regardless, hits will counted as.
Aufzählung Easy adding of Google Adsense
Earn additional money by adding Google Adsense to your site. Simply fill in your Adsense code to the sites main configuration in the admin area. The Adsense Codes will be shown in the footer and on the right side automatically (or at the places where you want if you edit the templates to change locations).
Aufzählung Grid Efficiency Status Bar 
The status of all grids will be shown as a status bar in your administration status area. You can monitor the efficiency of each grid.
Aufzählung Lock Site 
For testing purposes or during periods customization, you can lock your site for visitors with one click in the admin panel. This allows you to work on your grid in a safe manner.


Aufzählung User-Login 
A grid can be setup to allow users to change their pixel image, text, URL and eMail-address on their own via a user login account.
Aufzählung Popup-Window 
If the user does not have a website, you can define the grid to allow Popup-Windows instead. In that case, the user does not need to fill in a URL and a Popup-Window with the image and text of the entry will be opened when clicking on it. Size, layout and content of the Popup-Windows is a template and can be customized per grid as you want to maintain consistency on your site.
Aufzählung Automatic Jobs 
With the Job-Feature you can create tasks, telling the script what it should be doing at a certain time. For example, to select a pixel block from a grid and send the respective user an eMail or you highlight this pixel for a specified period of time. You can also create a scheduled script to open a Popup-Window automatically when users visit your website and show a URL of one of your customers to drive hits to their website. The Popup-Window will also open if the Popup-blocker feature of a visitor's browser is activated.
Aufzählung Ban of words, IPs 
If you want to deny special words from your website (i.e. "sex" or profanity), you can ban them from URLs, eMails, Title etc. You can use placeholder (i.e. "%sex"), ban complete IP's from accessing your website, ban URL's from your Ranking Lists and many more. This is a unique built in feature to protect you pixel sites from abuse.
Aufzählung VAT Calculation 
The calculation of the VAT can be defined specifically in each grid. The VAT will be shown in the pixel buy process and calculated into the total payment price.



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"I would just like to say how very happy with your site & pixel scripts i am.
In first few days of purchase,I have emailed your team,And i just want to say what a fantastic bunch of guys and Gals you got.
I have dealt with companies on line b4.And never have i come across such speedy responses and service to a customer with questions.
I take my hat off to you.
Thanks again from one very happy chappy in Scotland."

Mark Muir

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